Visionary Art

Images showing the way to the amazing, the invisible and the magic of existence. Hope, empowerment and joyful colours on canvas and paper.

Anna Sporring


Watercolour & Ink

Here I have used watercolor, ink and salt to create effects. A reading elf, maybe she is dreaming about visiting the world of humans, maybe she’s studying to become a forest doctor. What do you think?

Mixed Media

A play of colors and contrasts creates exciting ways for the eye to wander. Here I have used crayons, watercolors, markers, acrylics, stamps and collage.

Graphite Drawing

With the pen as the only tool, I love painting realistic images. Here is a portrait I made of a young, aspiring artist (me!). I paint from photo and my subjects are people as well as pets.

Empowered Portrait

I paint your portrait so the Magical Inner You will come forward and then charge it with power.

News from the blog

Benefits of the Art Journal

When I first learned about Art Journaling, it really caught my interest because I found so many beautiful and inspiring Art Journals to look at. Search on "Art Journal Page" on Youtube and you'll get thousands of hits. I'm always looking for new ideas and...

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Colours on hold

There are many different sides to painting, and being an artist. I like to use many different kind of painting. I love the change in techniques and I don't like doing the same thing all the time. Still sometimes I end up getting stuck in a phase and I find myself only...

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Without colors life would be quite gray!

~Anna Sporring ~